Double Crested ‘Crown Yellow’

1,750 د.ك

Enjoy a fabulous, cheery display of sunny flowers all grow season long with Calendula ‘Double Crested Crown Yellow’. With nectar-rich flowers, this bee-friendly variety is great for attracting beneficial pollinators to the garden or allotment. They look great too with their unusual pincushion-like crested blooms. Ideal for bringing reliable colour to a sunny spot in borders or pots. Height: 40-50cm (15-20″). Spread: 30cm (12″).

Water regularly until plants are fully established. Deadhead faded calendula flowers to encourage more blooms to be produced and prevent them from self seeding. Culinary note: Calendula flowers are edible. The petals have been used as a substitute for saffron, and they make a bright and zesty addition to salads.

Direct sow calendula seeds outdoors where they are to grow f. Choose a position in full sun on well drained soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. Sow seeds thinly, at a depth of 1cm (half an inch) in drills spaced 30cm (12″) apart and cover seed with its own depth of soil to exclude light. Water the ground regularly, especially during dry periods. Germination usually takes 5-10 days. When calendula seedlings are large enough to handle, thin them out to 20cm (8”) apart.

Alternatively, sow indoors  at a temperature of 18-23C (65-73F). When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant and grow them on in cooler conditions until large enough to plant outdoors. .

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