Dahlia Misses Dutch

2,950 د.ك

The Missis Dutch dahlia is a full cactus dahlia with bright pink flowers. The blooms consist of tubular petals that are red-pink on the inside and turn light pink on the outside. The center of the flower is a delicate yellow. The flowers have a good vase life

Flower shape: Cactus

Flower Color: Red Pink

Flower Size: 15cm

Plant Height: 90cm

Tips For Growing Dahlias

1. A common mistake when growing dahlias is to overwater tubers you have just planted. Too much water at this early stage can lead to rot. Water well when you first plant the tuber and then wait until you spot the first sprouts before watering again.

2. To prevent disease, keep the foliage of dahlias as dry as possible. Water deeply once or twice a week, allowing the top 2.5 cm of soil to dry out in between watering’s.

3. Dahlia plants will benefit from supplemental organic water-soluble fertilizer every 3-4 weeks until March, then stop fertilizing to promote better overwintering of tubers.

4. It is important to deadhead (remove wilted blooms) to encourage new buds, otherwise the plant will stop blooming and will focus its energy on seed production. Trim spent dahlia blooms with clean sharp garden scissors just above the point where the flower stem intersects with a leaf.

5. Cut long flower stems for flower arrangements to encourage more branching and flower production. Despite a relatively short vase life, dahlias make gorgeous bouquets.

6. Dahlias do not propagate reliably from seed, so if you’d like to keep and multiply your dahlia stock, make sure to look after your tubers in the winter.


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