Dahlia Unwin’s Hybrid

1,950 د.ك

Botanical name: Dahlia Variabilis Unwin’s hybrid
FR name: Dahlia
Color: mix
Height: 60cm

Sow in a greenhouse in a seed tray: 
Sow outdoors in the nursery: set up or thin out
Sowing temperature: 18°C
​​Depth seedling height: 1cm
Germination: 14 days
Establishment: 5-6 weeks after sowing
Spacing: recommended spacing is 35 x 35cm
Location: light or well-drained soil in full sun
Start flowering: 80 days after seed emergence

Tip: Dahlias thrive in light or well-drained soil.

  1. Sowing in a cold greenhouse, in a box or in a layer:
    Find the sowing period on the packaging. Sow the seeds lightly in moist potting soil. Mix fine seeds with sand for better distribution. Cover with a thin layer of potting soil or sand then carefully firm and moisten. A constant temperature is beneficial for germination. Keep moist with a spray bottle.
    Cover the seedlings with a translucent lid or plastic wrap to create a climate conducive to germination. Remove lid or plastic wrap when young plants appear.
    Prick out when the first two true leaves are formed. Young plants need more room to grow. It can be transplanted in a pot or in a 5 to 10cm mound. Transplanting in a layer is also possible but the work will be more delicate at the time of the final installation. The roots will risk being injured a second time and the plant will have to form more new roots.
    Placement outdoors from the beginning of May, as soon as there is no longer any risk of night frost.
  2. Sowing in outer layer:
    Choose a good site exposed to partial shade, without weeds to make a layer of seedlings. Lighten the earth then plumb. Sow clear or in line and then cover with a thin layer of 2 to 5mm of soil depending on the size of the seeds. Provide a blanket or a protective veil in case of late frost. Keep moist for the first few days until emergence. Then water as needed until established.

A sowing set facilitates the work of transplanting. Carefully lift the seedling with the fork. If several plants come out together: separate them by pulling by the leaves, do not force the stems. Try to keep the roots as much as possible. Make a small hole with the stick then bury the plant down to the weeds and lightly push the soil over the roots. Moisten with a spray bottle.

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