Dahlia Starlight Mixture

1,950 د.ك

Attractive, uniform dwarf Dahlias with large, star-shaped flowers in a range of bright colours. Each flower is characterized by the characteristic backwards curled petals and is a wonderful eye-catcher in the border or as a cut flower in the vase.

  • attractive, uniform dwarf dahlias
  • Large, star-shaped flowers in many bright colors
  • Ideal for beds or as a cut flower in a vase
  • Height: 40cm

Flowering time
Midsummer – Autumn Height of

40 cm Directions for

Sow the seeds in good soil and cover thinly with soil. Place in a nursery tray or container in a plastic bag at a temperature of 20-25°C until germination, which usually occurs in 7-21 days. Light promotes germination.

Store cool and dry!

pots when seedlings are large enough. Gradually get used to the outside temperatures and when there is no longer any danger of frost, plant outdoors at intervals of 30 – 38 cm.

Planting distance
30 – 38 cm

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