Dahlia Liquid Desire

2,950 د.ك

Struggling to decide if you prefer single or double dahlias? Dahlia ‘Liquid Desire’ could be the one for you! These category-defying blooms bear a single row of petals with a bonus layer of small, curved petals, resulting in a charming, lightly shaggy look. With a golden yellow centre, and deep, dark magenta petals fading to white at their tips, the flowers of Dahlia ‘Liquid Desire’ have a sumptuous, hand-painted look. We love them in a rich, jewel-like colour scheme with reds, oranges, and purples.

For the biggest impact, plant your ‘Liquid Desire’ dahlias in groups of five or more. To bulk up your collection, why not try propagating them yourself? Dahlias come spectacularly easily from cuttings, using the new shoots as they first emerge in early spring. Simply snip off once about 8cm tall and insert in a pot of free-draining compost. Given warmth, light and regular misting, roots should appear within a few weeks.

  • Flower colour :Magenta

  • Established height : 50-70cm

  • Established spread :30-50cm

  • Plant spacing :5 tubers per m2


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