Cucumber Pindos F1

1,950 د.ك

In pots or seed trays. Seed depth 1-2cm.

After 1-2 weeks at 16 ° C, optimal is 24 ° C. “Warm feet” through compost or horse manure are recommended.

Plant out after about 4 weeks when the plant has 4 leaves at a distance of 130 x 50 cm. Further cultivation ideally at 20-22 ° C.

Cucumbers need warm, humus-rich, loose soil, a good supply of nutrients and a lot of water. Sunny to partially shaded and sheltered from the wind.

Harvest approx. 80 days after sowing. Harvest the first fruits early so that the plant does not put all its strength into the first fruits and produce enough more.

Very versatile vegetables. Particularly balanced mineral ratio and very rich in vitamins. Low in calories.

Tip: cut off the
main shoot when it reaches the roof of the house. Parthenocarp varieties, ie do not grow purely female-flowering varieties in the vicinity of mixed-flowering varieties.

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