Compost Tea with Alfalfa

4,750 د.ك

  • Ideal for orchid and rose growers
  • For optimal nutrient absorption
  • Invigorates the soil

The microorganisms contained in this compost tea nourish and strengthen the plants, revitalise the soil and help the plant to loosen and absorb nutrients from the soil. The microorganisms are also absorbed by the plant and work from within.
The alfalfa contains many substances that are optimal for growth and for the soil. Orchid and rose growers often rely on compost tea with alfalfa.

Pour the compost tea into the included tea infuser, hang it in the watering can and let it steep for about 24 hours. The best water to use is rainwater or stale tap water.
After 24 hours, the plants can be watered as usual or the tea can be sprayed on as foliar fertiliser. Preferably in the morning hours.

Which plants is compost tea suitable for?

Compost tea has a positive effect on all plants. It restores and maintains healthy soil life. The positive microorganisms are not selected or artificially reproduced, but are found in the full spectrum of healthy soil. Depending on the conditions in the planter or in the soil, the “right ones” will always multiply. That means every plant benefits.

Compost tea works best with regular use.

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