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(Eruca sativa) This delicious green has a spicy, peppery, mustard-like flavor, which is a rage in any salad and on sandwiches. We love this green sprinkled on pizza and sandwiches, too. This is one of our most popular greens and is a great staple in any garden! With an incredibly high germination rate, lovely crunch, and tolerance for cool weather, some call this the perfect cold-weather green. Plant densely first thing in the spring and trim regularly for tender greens early in the season. Succession plant every 2-3 weeks until the heat of summer arrives. Great for a second planting in late summer for a fall harvest. This garden treat is ready to harvest in as little as four weeks and can tolerate some frost. If wild birds and aphids tend to ravage your lettuce, try arugula instead. It is drought tolerant and incredibly easy to grow, but watch out—chickens love it, too!

“Description courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/rareseeds “.

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