Champion White II Pelleted (F1) Campanula Seed

1,950 د.ك

New! Uniform, productive cut flower.

Campanula makes a nice addition to a cut flower production in that it offers a bountiful crop in spring to early summer, often in the gap between early spring crops and summer annuals. Stems are sturdy and add structure, bulk, and visual interest to bouquets. Seed has been coated with conventional pellet for ease of sowing. Certified-organic growers please check suitability with your certifier.

Bright, clean, white bells. The Champion Series is bred for upright-facing blooms and uniform plants. Plants will produce flowers in the first year of production, if started early enough in the season.

NOTE: Plants should be started in fall, winter, or early spring. Daylength sensitive plants require short days during seedling development to ensure sufficient stem length and vegetative growth before flowering under long days.

• Fall-sown plants overwintered well in our unheated Zone 5 tunnel trials, blooming in early June on very tall, vigorous plants.
• Winter-sown plants flowered in mid-June through early July on shorter plants in our spring tunnel trials.

Also known as bellflower or Canterbury bells. Ht. 30–40″.  Packet: 20seeds.

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