Ageratum Goldrush Yellow

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Ageratum Goldrush Yellow is a delightful annual plant that adds a burst of bright color to gardens and floral arrangements. Here are some details about it:

  1. Description:
    • Scientific Name: Lonas inodora
    • Common Names: Ageratum Goldrush Yellow, Golden Ageratum
    • Appearance: Dwarf double everlasting with dense clusters of golden button-like flowers.
    • Height: Grows to approximately 12 inches (30 cm).
    • Bloom Color: Bright yellow.
    • Bloom Time: Late spring/early summer and mid-summer.
    • Uses: Ideal for edging garden beds and as cut flowers for bouquets.
  2. Growing Information:
    • Germination Tips: Sow seeds at temperatures between 68-75°F (20-24°C).
    • Adaptability: Native to the Southwestern Mediterranean region but can be grown successfully elsewhere.
    • Sun Exposure: Prefers full sun to partial shade.
    • Spacing: Plant 3-6 inches (7-15 cm) apart.
    • Hardiness: Not applicable (annual plant).

Packet 50 seeds

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