Colocasia – Black Magic (1 bulb)

2,750 د.ك


A sophisticated looking plant, they are known to produce an abundance of black/blueish leaves that are sure to make a wonderful addition to your garden or home. Often needing above average watering needs, they can be planted in beds and borders, as well as ponds and water gardens. They like to be planted in clay, loamy, or sandy soil; the pH of the soil should fall between acidic and neutral. They should be planted in a full to partial sunlight environment; planting should take place in the mid to late spring. You can expect leaves to form at the beginning and the end of the summer.

  • Lush tropical plants that produce enormous leaves.
  • Garden Giant!
  • Great for Mixed Borders.
 Colour Black
 Height 60″
 Sun Requirements Full to Partial Sun
 Fragrant No
Plant depth 2″
 Space apart 24″

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