Bokashi herbal fertilizer 1 kg

6,750 د.ك

“Bokashi vegetable fertilizer” at a glance
  • Long-term fertilizer for beds and pots with soil-improving properties
  • Loosens the soil, promotes the build-up of humus and increases the nutrient and water retention capacity
  • not only nourishes plants but also organisms in the soil and protects with its high antioxidant power
  • Organically bound nutrients are slowly released microbially and are protected against leaching
  • Slightly work in 350 g per m² of soil annually (basic recommendation)

EMIKO Bokashi herbal fertilizer is an organic long-term fertilizer with EM, which provides a constant supply of all plants with the most important nutrients and at the same time has strong soil-improving properties. The long-lasting effect saves frequent fertilization. If the soil has a good basic supply, a single fertilization per year is usually sufficient (early spring or late autumn). For potted and container plants, Bokashi is filled into the container as a nutrient depot at a distance from the roots or 5% mixed into the potting soil.

The organic matter introduced into the soil with EMIKO Bokashi initially supplies all soil organisms, promotes their reproduction and protects and invigorates them through its high antioxidant power, which prevents degradation processes. The activated soil life ensures a slow conversion of the organic nutrients into plant-available nutrients. In addition, the build-up of humus in the active soil is promoted. This improves the nutrient and water retention capacity, the aeration of the soil and promotes a loose structure.

EMIKO Bokashi herbal fertilizer is the all-round product for natural gardeners. Because it does not contain any animal nitrogen source, it is often used in the organic vegan garden.
In very heavy soils, the Bokashi vegetable can be used in combination with EMIKO substrate charcoal to increase the soil loosening properties.

for ornamental plants (beds,
pots / tubs), useful plants (outside & greenhouse), fruit trees, (berries) bushes, lawns, as depots for trees, for the production of good potting soil , plant bed preparation, area composting Basic recommendation: 350g / m² soil lightly work in
Bokashi has a low pH. Therefore apply at a distance of 10-15cm from the plants or wait approx. 14 days until planting / sowing.

Use: Improve soil, fertilize
Plant species: Useful plants, lawns, potted & container plants, ornamental plants

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