Sunflower ‘Pacino’ Flower Seeds

1,750 د.ك

sunflower variety Pacino` produces flowers with a diameter of 15 cm and does not grow higher than 25 cm. The slightly smaller flowers have yellow petals and a green center surrounded by an inner wreath of orange petals. . The sunflower seeds germinate best at a temperature of 2-5° C. Cover the seeds with 6 cm of soil and a plastic wrap so that they are not eaten by mice or birds. The young sunflower plants grow quickly, so you can plant them out with a generous planting distance as early as <>-<> weeks after sowing. These sunflowers bloom from July to September and like a sunny location.Sunflowers always tilt their heads towards the sun: in the morning they point to the east, at the end of the afternoon to the west.

leaves and stems of the sunflower are green and hairy. Therefore, when watering, make sure that the plant itself remains as dry as possible to avoid infestation by smuggling. It is also best to place the sunflower in a place where the soil does not get too wet. Due to its height, the sunflower is exposed to a lot of wind. Therefore, choose a sheltered place or tie them to a stick to support them. Sunflowers like calcareous soil. If you have acidic soil, add some lime to neutralize the pH. When the flowers are in full bloom, they can also be cut off and placed in a vase.

Additional information
Each plant grows and blooms in its own way and looks different depending on the season. The plant depicted may therefore vary in shape and size

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