Antique Pink Stock Seed

1,500 د.ك

From Johnny’s Seeds repacked in Kuwait

Unique bloom color and excellent stem quality.

Tightly spaced florets on thick, strong, straight stems. Single-stem or “column type” stock for one-cut harvest. Blooms have chartreuse green centers with pale pink edges. Plants produce about 55% double-flowering plants. Overall, very similar to the Iron series in performance. NOTE: This variety produces one flowering stem per plant. Pinching is not advisable as it will terminate flowering.
• Edible Flowers: The peppery, clove-like flavor of the flowers lends itself well to use as a garnish on salads, desserts, and drinks.
Ht. 24–28″. Avg. : 40 seeds.

DAYS TO GERMINATION:7-14 days at 65-75°F (18-24°C)
SOWING:Transplant (recommended) – Sow ¼” deep into 128-cell plug flats 5-6 weeks before season grow.  harden off plants and transplant to the field or protected structure. Direct seed – After last frost. Do not pinch plants. Succession-plant every two weeks for multiple harvests. Stock is a cool-weather crop. Spring and fall-blooming successions are optimal. Stock is a member of the Brassica plant family and is susceptible to flea beetle predation. To prevent flea beetle damage, cover plants with row cover at the time of transplanting. SELECTION: Selection for double-flowering plants is a difficult and time-consuming process. For most situations, we recommend finding a use for the single-flowering plants rather than conducting selection. Chilling seedlings causes visual differences that allow you to select for double-flowered plants by observing color, size, and shape of the cotyledon. While in the cotyledon stage, expose the seedlings to temperatures of 40-45°F (4-7°C) for 3-4 days. Select lighter green seedlings with an oval shape; these will produce double flowers. Discard very small seedlings, ones that are darker green in color, and those with rounder shaped cotyledons; these will produce single flowers. See our Stock Production Guide #8227 for more details and information on selection.
PLANT SPACING:6″ Trellis, such as Hortonova, used as horizontal support, is necessary when the temperatures are consistently above 60°F (16°C) or where it rains frequently.
VASE LIFE:5-10 days.
HARVEST:Fresh – Harvest when ⅓–½ the florets on the stem are open.
SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Well-drained, moderately rich soil.
USES: Excellent cut flower. Edible flower. Beds, borders, and containers.
SCIENTIFIC NAME:Matthiola incana

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