Angel Trumpet White

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In their homeland, angel’s trumpets grow as impressive tree-like perennials up to five meters high, but even when kept in a bucket they can fascinate with up to two meters and above all with their trumpet flowers that are constantly pushing up to 30 centimeters throughout the summer. In the evening, angel’s trumpets give off an intense and beguiling scent that is really stunning.

Natural location
The angel’s trumpet has its home in the tropical climate of the forested coasts of southeast Brazil.

Cultivation Indoor
cultivation from seeds is possible all year round. First let the seeds soak in warm water overnight to improve the germination capacity and then place them about one centimeter deep in the moist growing medium. Cover the cultivation vessel with cling film, which you have provided with holes. This protects the earth from drying out. Every two to three days you should remove the film for 2 hours. This prevents mold from forming on the potting soil.

Engelstrompeten location likes to be warm and in full sun; Preferably a little sheltered from the wind near a heat-storing wall.

Choose a large bucket, as the angel’s trumpet grows vigorously over the summer. By the way, because of their strong foliage and lush flowers, angel’s trumpets are real “drunkards”. In midsummer they should therefore be watered thoroughly at least in the morning and evening, otherwise their leaves will quickly droop. From May to October, a weekly supply of potted plant fertilizer is absolutely necessary for abundant flowering. The plant can also be planted freely in the spring after the ice saints. The ideal is then the use of a grid pot, which is completely sunk into the earth and thus creates a good moisture exchange with the surrounding earth. In autumn the outwardly standing roots are cut and the lattice pot removed.

The angel’s trumpet hibernates best in light or dark, but above all cool at 4 ° to 10 ° Celsius in a well-ventilated room. Before putting it away for winter storage, cut the plant back vigorously and? Seal? You larger interfaces accordingly. Now keep the plant only slightly damp so that the root ball does not dry out. If there is enough light in the winter garden, it is of course also possible to overwinter without pruning.

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