Insect Stop Universeel Concentraat (250 ml)

8,900 د.ك

  • Crop protection

    COMPO Bio Insect Stop Concentrate

    • Insect repellent based on the renewable vegetable raw material rapeseed oil
    • Against sucking insects on vegetables, fruit, herbs and ornamental plants
    • Combats eggs, larvae and adult insects

    Product description

    Bio Insect Stop effectively controls a variety of sucking and biting insects, such as spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, scale insects, mealybugs, cicadas and pear psyllid. The effect is achieved by encapsulating parasites and their eggs (IRAC group: none) thanks to the natural renewable
    vegetable raw material rapeseed oil. For proper functioning, all parts of a plant must be well moistened.


    Application recommendations

    Apply to dry vegetation. Re-treatment is necessary during periods of rain within eight hours of application. Avoid treatment during strong sunlight. The indicated dose of Bio Insect Stop is applied in the morning or evening.

    • Period of application: At the beginning of the attack or when the first symptoms / harmful insects become visible.
    • Maximum applications and interval: maximum 3 applications per 12 months, with an interval of 7-10 days
    • Harvest safety period: /


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