1,750 د.ك

Pumpkin “Squirrel Squash Cyclanthere” organic seeds

  • The squirrel squash is also called the Inca cucumber and is an old Peruvian crop and medicinal plant
  • the young fruits taste like cucumbers and can be eaten raw, with larger fruits the hard seeds are removed
  • Preparation like zucchini, also suitable for filling
  • Seeds from organic cultivation according to the EU organic regulation
  • Sowing: from March as a pre-culture in the house in cultivation pots
  • As soon as the plants have grown to approx. 15 cm, transplant outdoors after the night frosts (plant spacing approx. 50 cm, row spacing approx. 50 cm)
  • note: the squirrel squash grows very quickly and immediately begins to tend – a climbing aid is necessary!
  • Seed depth: approx. 2-3 cm
  • Germination: approx. 14-28 days at at least 20 ° C
  • Location: sunny to partially shaded and sheltered from the wind
  • Soil: humus, water regularly well
  • Harvest: from July to frost
  • Tip: the squirrel squash “Cyclanthere” can also be cultivated in tubs or pots. They are also often used as a summer screen for pergolas, trellises and fences

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