Tomato, Supersweet 100 VF Hybrid

1,250 د.ك

  • Supersweet 100 Tomato seeds will supply a unique salad-type tomato variety with amazingly high yields of super sweet one-inch fruits.This super sweet tomato has a higher vitamin C content than any other tomato!

    This variety of tomatoes offers consistent production season after season, with each plant yielding a large harvest of flavorful, nutrient-rich fruits.

    These disease-resistant, indeterminate plants bear fruit until frost, with each branch producing more than 100 fruits.

    Characteristics: Attracts Bees and Pollinators

    Botanical Name: Solanum Lycopersicum

    Fill Weight (grams): 1.5

    Flavor: Mouthwateringly sweet.

    Preparation Ideas: Great when roasted or use in salads or appetizers.

    Plant Type: Vegetable

    Plant Lifecycle: Annual

    Approximate Seed Count: 15 Pelleted Seeds

    Landscape Use: Edible Garden

    Growth Type: Indeterminate

    Disease Resistance: Verticillium Wilt|Fusarium Wilt

    Start seed indoors in a sunny location 6-8 weeks prior to warm weather. Transplant outdoors in full sun when seedlings display 4-6 true leaves and weather is warm. Seed can be sown directly into garden when soil is warm. Tomatoes cannot tolerate frost.

    Planting Depth: 0.25″

    Seed Spacing: Sow Supersweet 100 Tomato seeds in rows roughly 2′ apart in rows, keeping rows approximately 3′ apart.


    Outstanding for containers. To keep fruit clean and easier to pick, support with stakes or cages. Tomatoes require at least an inch of water per week.

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