Snapdragon Candy Showers Mix

1,750 د.ك

Repackaged In Kuwait

Beautiful trailing snapdragon with strong, flexible stems, and full, dense growth. Add Candy Showers Mix snapdragon to pots (1 plant per 6 in. pot) and hanging baskets, or enjoy as a heavy-blooming, seasonal ground cover. Flowers are in deep purple, orange, red, rose, white, and yellow shades. Plants grow 6-8 in. tall, spread 12-18 in. across. Packet is 10 multi-pelleted seeds, with 3-5 seeds inside each pellet.

Full bodied trailer for baskets, no pinch, flexible stem, only 12 weeks seed to basket, lots of color, candy scent, Multiseed pellet. Mix of all colors _ Grows to a height of around 8 inches

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