Basil Red Boza

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Repackaged in kuwait
Packet 50 seeds
Basil ‘Red Boza’ (Ocimum basilicum) is a compact variety of basil with large, strongly aromatic blue-purple leaves. These leaves have a robust basil flavor and can be used fresh or dried. They’re great for adding to salads, pasta dishes, rice dishes, and even basil vinegar. Additionally, the pink flowers of this basil variety attract bees. If you’re looking to grow it, sow the seeds from August . It’s best grown in containers in a glasshouse or on a sunny windowsill, but you can also plant it outside from October when the weather is cool. Place it in a sheltered position with full sun. This basil excelled in trials, cropping quickly and remaining harvestable later into autumn than other purple basil varieties. You can use the fragrant leaves in your kitchen and the flower spikes as a foliage filler in vases. It’s a versatile and delightful addition to any herb garden

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