Basil Purple Ruffles

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This culinary variety offers an ornamental benefit as well, with its fragrant, deep purple, ruffled leaves and light pink flowers. The vigorous, well-branched plants are 18-24″ tall. This popular basil adds distinction to salads and vinegars. Approximately 5% of the plants have purple-green leaves. (P.V.P.)

  • Soil temperature: 75-80°F
  • Germination Lighting: Cover Seed
  • Germination Days: 10-14 Days
  • Plant height: 18-24″
  • Plant type: Annual
  • Seeding depth: 0.25-0.5″
  • Maturation days: 28 Days
  • Planting method: Transplant
  • Spacing in row: 4-8″
  • Spacing between rows: 1-2′


Sow seeds 1cm (½”) deep in sterilized seed starting mix. Basil is prone to damping off, so once seeds sprout, make sure they are adequately ventilated, and kept under very bright light. Thin to 20-25cm (8-10″) apart. Using bottom heat speeds germination.

Companion Planting

Basil is said to improve vigour and flavour of tomatoes, planted side-by-side. It’s also good with asparagus, oregano, and peppers. Basil helps repel flies, mosquitoes, and thrips.

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