Tomato Charlie Chaplin

1,000 د.ك

Repacked in Kuwait 

Indeterminate/78 days)
Charlie Chaplin is a unique heirloom tomato variety that produces 4-10 ounce deep red, accordion shaped fruit that are mostly hollow at maturity resembling a bell pepper. The fruit are rich and balanced and are fantastic for stuffing, taking to market, or slicing making an aesthetically appealing garnish. Packet 10 seeds

Common Name – Tomato
Botanical Name – Solanum Lycopersicum
Heirloom Status (lineage established at least 50 years ago) – Heirloom Tomato
Open-Pollinated Status – Open-Pollinated Tomato
Growth Habit – Indeterminate Tomato
Days to Maturity – 78 Days
Days to Germinate – 6-14 Days
Fruit Color – Red Fruit
Fruit Size – Medium/ Large Stuffer Tomato
Soil Depth – ¼ Inch
Soil Temperature – 75-85 Degrees
Plant Spacing – 36-48 inches
Row Spacing – 4-5 Feet
Preferences – Full Sun, Moist Well Drained Soil

Planting Instructions – Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before growing season . Do not Plant out until the weather cool down . Tomato seeds require high soil temperatures for good germination rates. Pot up to 3–4 inch pots when first true leaves develop (not cotyledon leaves). Harden off plants for 1-2 weeks in full sun before transplanting them outside . Make sure to give tomato plants a lot of space for vigorous root and foliage growth.


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