Lavandula stoechas Bandera Deep Rose

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Repacked in Kuwait

Compact, bushy, strongly branched, purple spikes, needs no pinch, high quality plants in 12 weeks with no overwintering Deep Rose _Grows to a height of about 9 inches _Germination Tips: Moist 40 Degrees Fahrenheit 4 weeks, then, 70-80 Degrees Fahrenheit

Scientific Name : Lavandula stoechas
Common Name : Spanish Lavender
Hardiness Degree : 0°F (-17.8°C)
Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Summer
Plant Habit : Mounded
Characteristics : Low Maintenance
Water : Medium
Fertilize : Every two weeks
Spacing : 12-14″ (30-36cm)
Height : 7-9″ (18-23cm)
Width : 10-12″ (25-30cm)
Exposure : Sun
General Information : Lots of flowers in spring and summer attract butterflies and honeybees. Sturdy, bushy variety grows low to the ground. Plant near the front of a border or in patio planters to enjoy their mild lavender fragrance.

Idea &Tips : Plant in full sun. Grow relatively dry; prefers well-drained soil.

packet: 25 seeds



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