Calendula Deja Vu Mix

1,000 د.ك

Repackaged in Kuwait
    • The Deja Vu pot marigold grows to a height of 50-60 cm (approximately 20-24 inches).
    • It has a round habit and spreads broadly.
    • The shoots and leaves are densely covered with soft, adeniform hairs that excrete a characteristic aroma when touched..
  1. Color Palette:
    • The mix includes warm and unusual hues, including bicolors.
    • You can expect a delightful array of colors in this mix, making it a visually appealing addition to your garden.
  2. Cultural Information:
    • Class: Annual.
    • Good Cutflower: Yes
    • Height: Approximately 20 inches.
    • Calendula goes well with blue ageratum, delphinium, rudbeckia, zinnia.
    • Packet 20 seeds

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