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Cicer arietinum 90 days. We’ve been growing Myles for many years and are very pleased to offer it to our gardener friends. Where typically chickpeas are considered a long-season crop, this desi type (or smaller-seeded variety) reliably produces very high yields in a variety of conditions, including our less-than-ideal Oregon summers. We particularly enjoy this variety in delicious, warming, winter soups. The drought-resistant plants are deep rooted with a branched, upright form and 11-12 inch height. Seeds per ounce: 145.
Soil Temp for Germ60–85°F
Seed Depth1″
Seed Spacing2–4″
Days to Emergence8–16
Thin Plants to4″
Row Spacing18–36″
Fertilizer NeedsLow
Minimum Germination80%
Seeds per OunceListed per variety
Seed Life2–3 years

Rich and flavorful beans are fiber-packed veggies that promote digestive health and are excellent sources of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals in the body. They are also nitrogen-fixing legumes; beans gather nitrogen from the air and load it into the soil to feed future crops.

Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.

• Beans are shallow rooted and can require up to 1/4 inch of water a day during hot weather
• Optimum soil pH is 5.5-6.5, mildly acidic
• Apply 1 cup of TSC’s Complete fertilizer per 10 row feet, and 1 inch of compost

Direct Sowing
• One ounce of seed plants 12-15 row feet, 1/2 pound for 100 row feet
• Grow Pole, Runner, and Yard Long beans on trellises

Insects & Diseases
• Common insects: Mexican bean beetles, bean weevils, cucumber beetles, spider mites
• Insect control: Pyrethrin
• Common diseases: See chart below
• Disease prevention: Avoid wetting the foliage, remove plants at the end of the year, 3-4 year crop rotation

Harvest & Storage
• Ready for harvest about 2 weeks after bloom
• Pick when pods are nearly full size and seeds are still small
• Harvest every 3-5 days to increase yields
• Store at 40-45°F and 95% relative humidity

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