Zinnia Zinderella Mix

1,500 د.ك

Park’s seeds Repackage in kuwait (20 seeds)
A collection of award-winning blooms

The Zinderella family of zinnias burst onto the scene when Zinderella Peach won Europe’s Fleuroselect Novelty Award 2014 for its unique color and very unusual flower form. Known as scabiosa blooms for their resemblance to pincushion flower (Scabiosa), the double blooms boast a pompon of tightly clustered short petals above a skirt of longer, daisylike petals. Reaching 2 to 2 ½ inches wide, they contain so many layers of petals that they are often as “tall” as they are wide. During warm days and warm nights, you will see 10-15-20% single flowers. When day and night temperatures differ, double blooms will appear.

Zinderella zinnias grow in a flash and bloom heavily. Cut-and-come-again annuals, they set new buds as soon as the old flowers are cut or deadheaded, so they repeat reliably all grow season . Zinderella blooms are long-lasting in garden or vase. The blooms attract pollinators and “good bugs” that can help repel pests from vegetable crops and other flowering varieties, so scatter your zinnias where you like—they help the whole garden. And this collection offers every Zinderella Zinnia for a rainbow of color.


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