د.ك 1.75

Pineapple Melon-ANANAS MELON Medium-early variety. Vigorous plant with good production. Fruit with netted skin, yellow pulp, sugary and fragrant.

Seed data sheet

Seeds per gram: min.25 max.35

Grams per square meter in direct sowing: 2

Grams per square meter in transplantation: 1

Distance on the rows in cm: 80

Distance between rows in cm: 120

Sowing period in a seedbed: from FEBRUARY to MAY

Transplant: from MARCH to JUNE

Direct sowing period: from MARCH to JUNE

Harvest days: 95

Harvesting period: from JULY to OCTOBER

Soil temperature min. 15 ° C max. 30 ° C

Characteristics: Oval fruit, mesh, gray-cream skin, white pulp, 2 Kg. Weight

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