Pansy Black Prince

1,000 د.ك

  • Repackaged in kuwait
  • Scientific Name: Viola x wittrockiana
  • Common Names: Black Prince Pansy, Black Devil Pansy
  • Description:
    • The Black Prince Pansy is a biennial plant that is cold-hardy and can grow in various locations across the United States.
    • It emerges in early spring once established in the flowerbed, making it suitable for perennial beds.
    • Unlike the typical smiling face of other pansies, the Black Prince Pansy boasts 2-inch blooms in a deep black color.
    • Although they aren’t genuinely black, their rich shade of purple or maroon appears almost black, especially in dim light.
    • The velvety petals contrast beautifully with their yellow centers
    • Class: Annual
      Germination Tips:Thin cover 60-70 Degrees Fahrenheit
      Height:6 inches
    • packet 40 seeds

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