Pansy Cool Wave Berries and Cream

1,750 د.ك

  • Repackaged in Kuwait

Cool Wave Pansies are your spreading garden color in cooler weather. These friendly-faced flowers outperform other pansies, and fill in your garden fast. They survive reliably through the frost and provide early-season color alongside your bulbs in the spring. They make excellent hanging baskets or spill over balconies and patio containers, too.

Cascading Pansy from the breeder of Wave Petunias, for powerful spring baskets, a super Oohs and Aahs getter, Primed Mix of Violet Wing, White, Purple

Exposure: Sun
Mature Plant Height: 6-8″ (15.2-20.3cm)
Full Spread: 24-30″ (61-76.2cm)
Water Requirements: Medium
Feed: Every two weeks
Plant Type: Annuals
Success Tips: Plant in full sun (at least 6 hours). Feed regularly to promote lush, vigorous growth and continued blooming.

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