1,750 د.ك

The ‘Triple White’ gets its name because it blooms white, germinates white and forms white grains. Very early variety with good yield, half-high to high. The medium-sized grains of the ‘triple whites’ have a strong taste and remain white and tender when cooked. It is harvested when the grains are fully ripe but still slightly soft and milky. Broad beans are a hearty vegetable specialty. It is best to use fresh, preservation is possible by drying or freezing. The variety is robust and tolerates the cold. The earlier broad beans are sown, the lower the risk of black bean louse infestation (Aphis fabae). Location: sun, loose, old-fashioned soils.

Short plant care:

End of February – beginning of May directly outdoors

Row spacing:
50 cm, 3 5 seeds every 20 cm

Seed depth:
4 – 5 cm

Germination time:
8 – 14 days with at least 5 ° C soil temperature

Harvest time:
June – August

sufficient for approx. 40 plants

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