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Petunia x hybrida grandiflora

One-year-old, very well-known and hardy summer flower. Large-flowered variety. The flowers are of different colors, with a wavy border and large. Plant growth height up to 50 cm. Blooms profusely from spring to the first night frosts. Suitable for garden vases, balcony boxes, amplitudes. Plucking withered flowers significantly prolongs flowering.

Cultivation: Petunia plants grow in advance. From sowing a seed to flowering, it takes about 3 months.. Seed sowing is not covered with soil, but covered with a film or glass to retain moisture. At a temperature of 20 -23 °C, the seed germinates in 14-20 days. After sprouting, the temperature can be lowered. Plants are picked when 2-3 true leaves have grown. No later than in the phase of 5-6 true leaves, the plant is pinched back to ensure better branching. Petunia grows well in temperate , slightly acidic soils. During the intensive flowering period, fertilize at each time of watering. To plant out when the night frosts pass. Blooms until the autumn frosts.

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