Organic Pest Free Neem

5,000 د.ك

Organic pest free NEEM is an insecticide with the active ingredient of the Neem tree against sucking and biting pests on ornamental plants, fresh herbs, potatoes and vegetables. Based on our own experience, spider mites are included in the specified application areas. Organic pest free NEEM is approved for organic farming.

  • Unique mechanism of action: feeding and suction stop after a short time
  • With the active ingredient of the neem tree (seed extract)
  • Development cycle of noxious insects is starved: No viable offspring can develop
  • Long-lasting: duration of action up to 3 weeks
  • Environmentally aware: product from renewable raw materials
  • Systemic effect: Sucking insects and leaf larvae are reliably detected, even if they are not sprayed directly.
  • Application by non-professional users allowed.
  • Organic product: The active ingredient is not manufactured or modified chemically-synthetically.
  • Neem has been used successfully in organic farming for many years.

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