Beet Red Ace F1

1,500 د.ك

  • Sweet and tender beetroot
  • Fast spring growth
  • Short tops hold well in summer
  • Hybrid uniformity
  • Matures in 55 days

Hybrid vigour gives Red Ace beets better germination, fast spring growth and excellent disease resistance.

The perfect seed choice for reliable, deep-red, round roots that are uniformly shaped, sweet and very tender. Selected by fresh market and industry growers. This beet is widely adaptable with high yield potential. Good disease tolerance and fast regrowth result in upright, bright green, glossy tops that hold well in the summer. In well-drained, mild winter gardens this variety can be harvested all winter. This variety is Cercospora resistant. Tried and true beetroot variety with consistent uniformity.

Matures in 55 days. (Hybrid seeds).

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